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How To Plan A Road Trip With Toddlers

road trip planning with toddlers

Are you planning a road trip with your toddler but are afraid of the challenges you’ll encounter on a long drive? Fret not, because we have plenty of tips to help you plan a long road journey. We guarantee it will suit your toddlers just fine.

One cannot underestimate that a road trip with toddlers can be frustrating, tiring, and even somewhat dangerous. Drivers can find it challenging to navigate the tricky roads with all the commotion, yelling, and crying inside the vehicle.

What we have learned from our experiences is that toddlers need space, entertainment, and their favorite snacks to stay quiet throughout. However, at the same time, you must acknowledge there will never be a road trip where the toddlers will be quiet throughout.

You will undoubtedly encounter some difficulties with them, but here are some tips to help you plan and prepare smartly. If not completely, then you will at least manage to conquer their tantrums for the better part of the trip.

1.    Make Each Kid Sit Separately

If you are traveling with more than one kid, then ensure each as far apart as the vehicle allows. If you make them sit together, they will surely break into a fight long before you have reached the highway.

The trick is to make them sit as far apart as space allows you. The great idea is to rent a vehicle big enough to give you ample space when planning a road trip.

2.    Plan Stopovers Strategically

No matter how many favorite snacks you arrange, make them sleep well ahead of the trip, and plan entertainment, their patience will run out. The good idea is to pour over your road map well ahead of your journey and arrange for stopovers after every few hours.

This is more essential during the super-long road trips. Also, plan manageable segments such as sleeping, eating, and playing round the clock, for the entire span of the journey.

3.    Consider Driving at Night

If you have super active toddlers, then perhaps beginning your journey at night would be a better option. You can tire them out throughout the day with vigorous playtime and activities so that they sleep soundly throughout the journey.

However, consider this option only if you are comfortable driving at night and are sure the routes are safe.

4.    Stock Up on Healthy Snacks and Meals

Keeping your toddler’s tummy happy means keeping your toddler happy. While sugar-laden snacks are not a good idea, you can look for other delicious yet healthy treats to carry along for the journey.

Take lots of fresh veggies and fruits that your toddler loves, along with whole-grain cereals. Similarly, carry pureed foods for your toddler’s meals or rice cereals that would fill them up nicely. Since you aim to keep your little one happy throughout the long travel, perhaps one forbidden treat like M&M’s minis would do when things get out of hand.

5.    Plan Road Games

Road games are your best tool for engaging the kids for as long as possible throughout the trip. You can purchase some online, especially Travel Scavenger hunt games, road trip bingos, or activity kits.

Final Thoughts

When you want to plan a road trip with toddlers, your priority is to stock up on items and foods that would keep them happy and quiet for as long as possible. It is also best to plan stopovers after every couple of hours to give your kids some room to stretch, a change of scenery, and a break from continuous traveling.

The items you must carry include: