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How to Plan a Mexico Vacation with Toddlers

Planning your Mexico Vacation

Are you planning a vacation to Mexico with your toddlers but are unsure if it’s a good idea? Then fear not, we are here to assure you that a Mexico vacation with toddlers is a fantastic idea. Several options in Riviera Maya and other places are safe to explore along with your toddlers.

Apart from enjoying gorgeous beaches, you can do so much more for fun here. Ideally, Mexico is the best winter getaway if you’re traveling on a budget. It’s thanks to the numerous vacation and accommodation packages available.

Mexico- How safe it is for Vacations with Toddlers

This must be your topmost concern indeed: the safety aspect of taking your baby to Mexico. To assure, we can guarantee the place is relatively safe with a clean and hygienic environment everywhere. However, as a precaution, we have some more tips for a safe vacation for your baby:

  • You must first a travel clinic to learn about necessary vaccinations for Mexico travel
  • Visit your pediatrician and discuss appropriate bug sprays, sunscreen, and medicines to tackle your toddler’s tummy issues, just in case.
  • Learn about signs of dehydration and ensure you keep your baby well-hydrated at all times.
  • Equip well with a good quality tent, a good quality rash guard, and a sun hat for sun protection.
  • Carry a portable kettle for washing your baby’s bottle and mixing formula.
  • Look for resort options that cater specifically to toddlers and babies. Some of these also offer healthy food options for visiting toddlers.

Mexico Vacation: Food and Water Safety for Toddlers

Speaking from our personal experiences, we know that neither you nor your toddlers will suffer any health risks from the food and water in Mexico. But for that, you must stick by some rules:

  1. Drink the purified water variety in Mexico. You will find it by the name of ‘Agua Pura.’
  2. If you’re staying at all-inclusive resorts, do verify if they serve purified. If not, you can buy your own for the stay.
  3. The only significant risk your toddlers face is the untreated Mexican water for the bath time. Since toddlers are too small to understand, they can accidentally or unknowingly take some untreated water while bathing.

Hence, try to limit their bath-time during your stay. If your accommodation offers a chlorinated pool, then try to make do with a daily dip. If not, then ensure you keep the water level extremely low while bathing your toddler in the tub.

Best Mexico Destinations for Visiting with Your Toddlers

There are several places you can enjoy in Mexico with your toddlers. Here are our top recommendations for you:

  1. Tulum is one of the finest towns in Mexico, with beautiful beaches, high-quality restaurants, and comfortable commuting facilities. Tulum beach, Coba, Cenote are just some great places to have fun at.
  2. Isla Mujeres
  3. Cancun
  4. Puerto Vallarta

Final thoughts

A Mexico vacation with toddlers is the best idea for your family. From some of the best places to explore with the little ones to have all the facilities at your disposal for a comfortable stay, you will indeed have one of the best experiences here.

Here are the items you certainly need to carry on your trip: