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How to Make Traveling with Extended Families Fun?

The idea of traveling with your extended family is quite exciting. However, it can be difficult to organize one and ensure that everyone enjoys and have fun on a vacation trip with extended family.

Okay! Relax. It’s not difficult at all, but only if you know what you and your children want. You must have a proper plan, and it should be accurate so that you can have a great time.

Tips to Make a Family Trip Fun

Here are some tips to have a fabulous and memorable time with your family.

Stay in Separate Rooms

It is not always possible to get separate rooms for all members in one hotel. But when you are on a trip with your extended family, everyone may need some privacy or quality time with their children. So, it’s okay if you get rooms in different hotels in the same area/location.

Hence, you can spend fun time with your immediate family as well as join the extended family in different activities.

Schedule “Alone Time”

By this, I mean arranging some activities with your immediate family rather than going everywhere with your extended family. Make sure that you get to spend an entire day with your children. Even when you are enjoying your relatives’ company, it’s great to focus on your children for one or more days.

Your kids will surely acknowledge your effort to make some memories with them. Do remember, you may not get the chance again, at least in a year.

Make Activities Optional

This is something you and your relatives need to understand that everyone has different priorities and preferences. Besides, everyone has different energy levels. You may want to go to the beach, but others may want to go hiking.

In that case, it’s a great idea to split up for few hours. For instance, if your extended family is going bike riding, but your children want to visit a museum, then let them go. Ask others if they want to join you, and enjoy this time with your family. This will ensure everyone enjoys the holiday trip to its fullest.

Share Responsibilities

If you want to have fun, then don’t take all the responsibilities on your shoulder. Share the responsibilities or switch duties like cooking. It’s a trip, and trust me – you cannot do all the things on your own.

If you are a shy person and can’t tell others about their responsibilities directly, use sticky notes to write everyone’s tasks and place these notes on the fridge. This way, everyone can see what they have to do.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, enjoy as much as you can. Organize the trip in a way that can help you create some alone and entertaining time with your children.

Some other tips for an extended family traveling are:

  1. Decide money sharing upfront
  2. Don’t avoid grandparents’ interests
  3. Involve everyone in the trip planning
  4. Include places that your children will love to visit